Disable Features

Some features in Slim SEO like auto redirection are opinionated. We tried to automate all the SEO works without your touch, but sometimes it’s too much. So, you might want to disable some features that you don’t like.

To disable a feature, please add the following code into your theme’s functions.php file:

add_action( 'slim_seo_init', function( $plugin ) {
    $plugin->disable( 'auto_redirection' );
    $plugin->disable( 'cleaner' );
} );

Each feature has an unique identifier. You need to pass that identifier into the disable method of the plugin object.

These are the list of features that you can disable:

meta_titleMeta title
meta_descriptionMeta description
meta_robotsMeta robots
open_graphOpen Graph
twitter_cardsTwitter Cards
settings_postMeta box settings for posts
settings_termMeta box settings for terms
images_altImage alt text
settingsPlugin settings page
notificationPlugin notification
auto_redirectionAuto redirection
feedRSS Feed
cleanerHeader cleaner
codeHeader / footer code
woocommerceWooCommerce integration
beaver_builderBeaver Builder integration
genesisGenesis integration

Please note that some features require other features to be active. For example: the schema feature requires breadcrumbs. So, when disable a feature, make sure to disable all dependent features.

Learn more about the features’ dependencies in the plugin source code.